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Lee Zeldin, our recently reelected congressman, chose to add his name to a list of more than 120 other Republican congressmen who signed on to a Texas lawsuit aimed at overthrowing the presidential election in four battleground states.
Really? Lee, you are the duly elected congressman from one of the most well-informed, sophisticated districts in the United States, and the best you can do is add your name to what amounts to a calamitous, ill-thought-out plot to steal a presidential election?
Trump, who has trashed every institution during his presidency and has been trying to go line by line to dismantle the Constitution, is now making a mockery of the Supreme Court — and you decided to “join in.” I really do want to understand it. Understanding is the path to healing, right?
You supported a lawsuit so flawed that it directly violated the Constitution, which clearly stipulates that states are permitted to decide the manner in which they conduct their elections. And, Lee, you are a lawyer! Wouldn’t this mean you would have taken at least one constitutional law course?  … [more]