Dear Members of the Southampton Town Democratic Committee,

Thank you for joining us! Thank you for demonstrating that, while you may be cynical about national politics under our current President, you agree with us that “standing by” does nothing to change things or ease our frustration. Working closely with government from the vantage point of a political party that represents your views, gives insight into how the democratic process works. Particularly at the local level, it provides the proximity to affect actions and outcomes aligned with our values, beliefs and priorities. 

For the first time in Southampton Town history, the Democrats have a super-majority on the Town Board.  We are doing and intend to continue to do what’s best and right for the entire Town and all its residents. We see ourselves as a “thin blue line”, defending the unique character of Southampton.  

However, with a devastating pandemic and an out-of-control and incompetent administration in Washington, we need to ensure that Joe Biden and all other Democrats are successful in November. This is the most important election of our lifetimes and we need your help now, more than ever.

Participating as a Committee member takes time, but it has many rewards. Members of the Committee, 2 in each of the Town’s 42 Election Districts (ED’s), are the grassroots foundation of the Democratic Party and the indispensable representatives of Democrats in our Town.  Each Committee member obtains signatures for our candidates, on local nominating petitions as required by election law, as a prerequisite to running for office.  They are a key part of every electoral campaign, where telephoning voters and door-to-door canvassing have been proven to be the most important determinants of who wins. They are the eyes and ears of Democratic and independent voters in the election districts they serve.

In addition, the rewards can be personal and professional. The 84 members of the Committee and the many people in and out of government with whom we are in contact, are a stimulating and convivial social and professional network. Campaigns are exciting and it’s fun to be in on the ground floor. Members learn a lot about government and politics. Campaigning is becoming very sophisticated – there are opportunities to work in many sectors, use many media, take substantial initiative and develop new skills. 

Thank you in advance for your support and everything that you do for the Democratic Party.

Kindest regards,

Gordon Herr