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Local Accomplishments.

Local Democrats Get Good Things Done For All of Us.

Proud of our Southampton Town Democratic majority accomplishments and developing plans, we are doing and intend to continue to do what’s best and right for the entire Town and all its residents.
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Local Democrats care about Fiscal Responsibility.

To improve finances Southampton Democrats eliminated operating fund deficits of $8.1 million – deficits attributable to “adoption of inaccurate budgets, poor financial record keeping, inadequate cash flow and lack of monitoring to ensure that actual and planned spending matched.” All problems associated with past Republican administrations.
That ended with the election of Southampton Town Democrats. Standard and Poors 2022 Credit Rating report stated: Southampton’s credit profile is characterized by very strong reserves and liquidity and consistently positive operating performance, supported by strong management policies and practices.
Standard and Poors’ glowing report can be found here: Town-Maintains-SP-AAA-Rating-2022 (
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Local Democrats care about Safe Clean Water.

Southampton Democrats commitment to beautification, coastal erosion mitigation, education programs, land and natural habitat preservation, noise abatement, waste management, and especially water quality improvements has given the Town an opportunity to sustain our economic engine and way of life.
Water quality project grants from Sag Harbor to Eastport dot the landscape, a partial list includes: $547,000 to Sag Harbor’s water quality analysis and sewage treatment upgrade; $134,000 to Southampton Village for a permeable reactive barrier for Lake Agawam and $231,000 for stormwater attenuation at Old Towne Rd; $160,00 to Stony Brook to evaluate septic systems that will reduce Nitrogen discharges by 50%; $4,233,000 for Westhampton Beach Sewage project; completion of the sewer system is projected to divert nearly 5,000 lbs. of nitrogen away from Monibogue Bay annually, reducing its total nitrogen load by 24%.
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Local Democrats care about Affordable Housing.

In recent years, Southampton Town created 64 affordable housing unit, 26 for the Sandy Hollow project in Southampton and 38 for the Speonk Commons project in Speonk.
In cooperation with Habitat for Humanity, Ground was also broken in late 2021, for 5 private affordable homes in the Riverside section of Southampton Town. Southampton Democrats backed these and new public housing initiatives by passing an Accessory Apartment Law allowing private homes to convert space for apartment dwelling.
For the long term, a public plan for affordable housing will be added to Southampton Town’s Comprehensive Plan, all to help local families and business owners to stay and thrive to the benefit of all.


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Local Democrats care about Community Health.

When Covid hit the East End, Southampton Democrats immediately sprang into administrative action, mitigating the deadly impacts of Covid with helpful outreach to everyone and especially to the vulnerable.
Southampton Town Democrats created All For The East End, or AFTEE, a vehicle to raise funds and qualify for grants to augment local food bank operations. With that, AFTEE created “Feed the Need Campaign” assisting many local employees impacted by Covid during their time of need.
The ASAP program – All For The Seniors – was a delivery system to bring essential items to seniors who might be homebound or otherwise in need; assisted with vaccination appointments and travel to those appointments. More than 20 merchants signed up to help ASAP, enabling 1,500 deliveries to 1,000 seniors to date.
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Local Democrats care about our Local History.

Southampton Democrats believe that all groups, irrespective of race, color, creed, or national origin deserve a seat at the table, a voice in decision making and recognition of their contributions to Southampton Town and America at large:
Southampton Democrats, recognizing past injustices suffered by the Shinnecock Nation passed the Graves Protection Act to protect sacred burial ground and followed up by establishing a committee to assess vital issues impacting the Shinnecocks. A land use moratorium was the first initiative proposed which will be used to identify sacred ground.
In recognition of the rich history of African Americans and their many contributions to the East End, Southampton Town joined with the Southampton African American Museum to save and rehabilitate the Pyrrhus Concer House. By using CPF funds, the Concer house was saved from private development and purchased for historical preservation.
Due to an increase in antisemitic incidents perpetrated against Jewish people, Southampton Town approved a resolution with language spelling out the definition of antisemitism as understood by the International Holocaust Alliance.
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Local Democrats care about our Local Economy.

Agriculture is continuously fostering the growth and development of Southampton Town. Committed to securing the future for Town residents, Southampton Democrats find creative and environmentally sustainable ways to achieve economic growth from one end of town to the other.
Local Democrats created the Agricultural Conservation District to help secure that legacy and maintain farming as a viable economic feature of our town.
Hampton Bays is a vital hamlet and with community input informing a new vision for a Hamptons Bays Central Business District hamlet, residents can look forward to an economy of their own design.
Southampton Town Democrats created the Riverside Revitalization Action Plan, a key component of which was expanding the Children’s Museum of the East End. Local Democrats helped the CMEE secure a $120,000 grant, representing an important piece to the larger local revitalization plan to benefit all.


Local Democrats care about all of us, All Across the Map.