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Please consider contributing to the Southampton Town Democratic Committee, which you may do so here. We work hard to be your voice. Any amount would be greatly appreciated.

Help Us Make (Local) Government Work For You.

Dear Committee Members and Southampton Town Friends:
Please DONATE TODAY to help us ensure we get the best local candidates elected to represent your interests and concerns.
Republicans have no party platform because the GOP is not “for” anything — it exists only to hold onto power, keep taxes low for the wealthy and corporations, and stop Democrats from making government work for the people. Democrats fully recognize that we face major challenges and understand that Americans are frustrated. There is still much more to be done. Despite unmitigated Republican obstructionism, Democrats are working hard to expand healthcare access, restore the child tax credit, improve schools, help small businesses, lower drug prices, address climate change and find solutions to improve the lives of middle- and lower-class Americans.
Republicans are standing in the way of progress for working Americans and instead cater to billionaires, multimillionaires and big business. Yet, when Democrats lead, our economy and everyday lives improve!
In a nutshell, if Republicans win, you lose!
Thank you in advance for helping pave the way to a better, more meaningful future. We’ll do it as we always have – together, by appealing to the best in all of us.
Kindest regards,
Gordon Herr, Chair