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Let’s start, as we should, with three statements of pure, unadulterated fact, a cold splash of unfiltered reality in a time enshrouded by the lazy fog of obfuscation.
Joe Biden won the 2020 election, comfortably. Both his 81 million votes and incumbent President Donald Trump’s 74 million votes were records; that’s because there are more voters, this was an election with a remarkable level of enthusiasm on both sides, and despite (or, rather, because of) a pandemic, efforts to make voting easier were largely a success.
Second, there has been no credible account of election fraud on any significant level — none. It should be a point of pride, a moment of celebration for our democracy: Despite a global pandemic, unprecedented partisanship at home and hostile meddlers abroad, every election official from both parties made this, as the president’s own election security officials said, “the most secure in American history.”
Finally, those who suggest otherwise, who promote baseless attempts to challenge the legitimacy of its outcome, are liars. And their efforts are not benign: They strike at the heart of democracy, and they till fertile ground where poison seeds of authoritarianism can grow.
Sadly, that group not only includes President Trump but a large number of Republican enablers and sycophants — including U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin, recently reelected to represent … [more]