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Ordered To Pay $250,000 For Defaming Her Neighbor, Judicial Hopeful Now Makes False Charges Against Southampton Democrats
 Southampton judicial candidate Barbara Wilson can’t stop making baseless accusations.  It’s on record that she called her neighbor a “sexual predator” and a “sexual pedophile” at a Southampton Village Architectural Review Board proceeding.
That outburst resulted in the neighbor’s Supreme Court defamation of character suit, in which a jury found no evidence to support her charge and rendered a verdict of $250,000 against Ms. Wilson.
Now she’s at it again.  In a letter to the Southampton Press (“Not A Politician,” June 17), Barbara Wilson, a Republican and the Republican candidate for Town Justice admits she is forcing a Democratic primary for the position.
Of our selection process, she writes:  “Currently, without primaries, a few-hand-selected committee members and the party leaders chose (sic) the candidates and make the deals for cross-endorsements.”
The Democrats’ two outstanding candidates for Town Justice, Shari Oster and Adam Grossman, were chosen after a comprehensive screening process which included an interview with Barbara Wilson, who was found unsuitable, principally due to the 2017 Court finding that she defamed her neighbor’s character.
Shari Oster and Adam Grossman were unanimously designated as our candidates at a wide-open meeting of the 84-member Southampton Town Democratic Committee, a meeting at which all participants were asked to propose candidates.  Barbara Wilson could have been nominated at that gathering, but she was not.
This was emphatically not the act of “a few hand-selected committee members and the party leaders.”  It is especially rich that Barbara Wilson’s letter complains of “the deals for cross-endorsements,” because it is effectively a cross-endorsement that she seeks by forcing a Democratic primary.  She’s infuriated that she didn’t get it and is throwing a political tantrum.
Barbara Wilson is not fitted to be a judge.
The primary is on June 22 and early voting runs through June 20.  Democrats, please vote for Adam Grossman and Shari Oster for Town Justice.


About George Lynch
George Lynch is a fifth-generation Long Islander and a fifth-generation Democrat.  He and his wife Ursula live on Aspatuck Creek in Quiogue.  For much of his career as a tax lawyer, George represented New York City, defeating a number of high profile taxpayers in court, among them Donald Trump.
George joined the Southampton Town Democratic Committee in 2008 and became its Treasurer in 2009, but his forte is generating campaign material.  As Communications Chair, he has turned in countless lines of copy, organized a successful letter writing group and helped launch the Committee’s blog.  With others, George is now working on remaking and targeting the Democratic message for 2022 and beyond.  He loves the people and he loves the fray.