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On Tuesday, June 22, registered Democrats will have the opportunity to vote in the Democratic Primary Election for Town Justice for The Town of Southampton.
You have to be a registered Democrat to vote in the Democratic Primary.
Yet, Barbara Wilson, a registered Republican, has forced a Primary for a party in which she is not a member.
Town Justice is a fancy title for Judge.
Judges are expected to have good judgement.
Judges are expected to have good temperament.
Judges are expected to be fair.
Judges are Not expected to be slanderous.
In 2019, Barbara Wilson was found guilty by a Supreme Court jury of  defamation of character.
The jury ordered her to pay her neighbor $250,000 for falsely accusing her neighbor of being a “sexual predator” and a “sexual pedophile”.
Based on her conduct and her guilt in this sordid matter, the Southampton Democratic Committee decided that Barbara Wilson was unfit to continue to serve as a Judge. The full Committee decided not to endorse her candidacy.
Instead, The Southampton Town Democratic Committee chose to endorse Adam Grossman and Shari Oster (both registered Democrats) for Southampton Town Justice. They both have exemplary backgrounds and they are both well qualified.
A number of Democrats wrote letters to The Editor of The Southampton Press this week in support of Barbara Wilson. Loyalty is an admirable trait…But, blind loyalty is folly…
Sadly, Barbara Wilson’s conduct has disqualified her from continuing to serve as a Judge.
Barbara Wilson has had her day in Court.
The jury found her Guilty.
She has had her Judgement Day.
June 22 is our Judgement Day.
So I say to all my fellow Democrats, please vote in this important Democratic Party Primary Election.
Vote wisely.


About Dick Sheehan
Dick Sheehan was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He and his wife, Carolyn, will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in August. Their pride and joy is their family of three adult children and three grandchildren. They love living in Westhampton Beach and its beautiful beaches.
Dick joined the Southampton Democratic Committee to become an active force to counter Trump and his Republican cohorts. Dick is a member of the SHDEMS Executive Committee. Dick and Carolyn enjoy the camaraderie of their like-minded Democratic friends.