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With less than a week to go until the midterm elections, Americans face a stark choice. The choice is encapsulated in a NY Times/Siena College poll that revealed that 71 percent polled said that democracy was “at risk.”
No, this isn’t a poll from a dystopian novel, in which America, in Ronald Reagan’s words transforms from “a shining city on a hill,”  into a sinkhole of darkness.
This is America, circa 2022. And in the present, we are literally witnessing the country sliding into the sinkhole. Terrifying, right?
Not so fast. Wrap your head around this. The sinkhole is waiting with open arms, but only 7 percent of those 71 percent believe it is the most important problem facing the country.
But let’s look at another analysis from the poll which speaks volumes:  Seventy-one percent of Republicans said they would be comfortable voting for a candidate who thought that the 2020 election was stolen, as did 37 percent of independent voters (12 percent of Democrats did as well). It is worth repeating: 71 percent of Republicans are comfortable voting for an election-denying candidate!
Let’s take a moment to see what the Republicans are running on that are greater concern than democracy. … [more]