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In the poll by YouGov and the Economist, 65% of all respondents said political violence had increased since the start of 2021. Among all US citizens, 43% said civil war was at least somewhat likely.
I think an actual civil war is unlikely, but an increase in organized violence across the country is something we may witness on election day. This is serious cause for alarm.
A surge of conspiracy believers are signing up for positions as poll watchers and are being trained by others who have propagated the lie spread by The Don and his cronies that the 2020 presidential election was riddled with fraud.
For instance, In Nevada, the Republican Party’s nominee for secretary of state, Jim Marchant, a vociferous election denier of Biden’s 2020 victory was a featured speaker at a party poll watcher training.
With so many election deniers running for office and intimidation promised by Republican poll watchers, it is inevitable that elections will be contested, fraud will be claimed and violence will be an end result. We have to hope that the F.B.I. Homeland Security and the National Guard are tracking it all to intervene. Yes, let me repeat that: the F.B.I. Homeland Security and the National Guard need to be ready to intervene.
But here we are. One month away from what I am afraid will be an election chaos the likes of which we have never seen before, all kickstarted by The Don.
It is hard to believe, but there are 299 Republican Party candidates running in federal and state elections that are avowed election deniers, some who have already said they will not necessarily accept the results of the election.
The Republicans craven desire for power has led to a chilling lack of civility.
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