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It is terribly disappointing, but not at all surprising, that Representative Lee Zeldin would join 125 other members of the House of Representatives in opposing the orderly transfer of the presidency from one administration to another.
Rational voices from the right to the left of the entire political spectrum are as one in saying that the votes were properly cast. The recently resigned head of the Justice Department, Bill Barr, said there was no sign of outcome-tipping fraud. Christopher Krebs, a lifelong Republican, was fired by the president after going on “60 Minutes” and refuting the unsupported claims. State and local election officials from coast to coast agree that there was no massive fraud to tip the election to the Democrats.
President Trump lost, fair and square, yet there are plenty of Americans, Mr. Zeldin among them, who are not ready to accept this fact. The First District of the New York congressman was among a majority of House Republicans who signed an amicus brief to … [more]