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It’s all about the traffic. We talk about protecting our environment and promoting our economy, but to do that we must solve Southampton Town’s traffic crisis, on the ground and in the air.
Surface traffic is choking us with noxious emissions and bringing roads to a standstill with the daily “trade parade” and the weekend migrations. We decided long ago not to build more and bigger roads, and that was the right choice, but what do we do now?
It’s a tough question. Meeting a challenge like this isn’t just a matter of shuffling a few signs and stop lights — it requires sophisticated traffic management.
Tom Neely, who’s running for highway superintendent, has 33 years’ experience in the transportation and traffic fields, versus zero for his opponent. If anyone can fix this mess, Tom can.
Workforce housing also eases our road traffic burden by reducing the trade parade. The closer to work people live, the less driving. Southampton Town Councilman Tommy John Schavoni has worked to make this happen, with two … [more]