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Happily, I celebrated my 73rd birthday on July 3. So, by some standards, I am long in the tooth — and some say I am just a kid!
In my lifetime, I have never seen any president like Trump. We had Truman (“The Buck Stops Here”), Ike (a general and World War II hero), JFK (assassinated icon), Johnson (The Great Society), Nixon (resigned in disgrace), Ford (pardoned Nixon), Carter (most successful post-presidency), Reagan (former Hollywood actor), G.H.W. Bush (throwback patrician), Bill Clinton (great talent, tarnished reputation), G.W. Bush (WMD/Iraq War), Barack Obama (first African American POTUS), and now Trump (“I take no responsibly at all”). Quite a cast of characters … all human beings, none “perfect.”
Before Trump, Nixon was the most despised and vilified U.S. president in my era, for his “Dirty Tricks,” his criminal behavior, and he resigned in disgrace. Interestingly, Nixon thought that Trump had great promise as a politician … birds of a feather.
Over the course of less than four years, Trump has far exceeded Nixon’s disgraceful legacy by a wide margin [more]