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Your Voice, Your Vote!

Your 2022 Candidates and Election Details.

To sail smoothly thru this year’s General Elections on November 8, find out about your Democratic candidates, about how to register and how vote early, absentee and in person.

November 8 – General Election.
Early Voting starts this week, Oct 29th until Nov. 6th. 

If Republicans Win, You Lose

Republicans have no party platform because the GOP is not “for” anything — it exists only to hold onto power, keep taxes low for the wealthy and corporations, and stop Democrats from making government work for the people.

Don’t boo. Vote!

Republicans historically are reliable voters and they are riled up to vote in 2022. Although there are more registered Democrats than Republicans in Southampton, that doesn’t matter unless Democrats get to the polls. Vote in your self-interest. Your vote is your voice!

Your 2022 Candidates.

Re-elect to US Senate
CHUCK SCHUMER - US Senate Majority Leader and US Senator for NY
Elect to US Congress (NY-1)
BRIDGET FLEMING - Suffolk County Legislator
Elect to Governor of New York
KATHY HOCHUL - Governor of New York
Elect to LT. Governor of New York
ANTONIO DELGADO - LT. Governor of New York
Re-elect to NYS Attorney General
LETITIA JAMES - New York State Attorney General
Elect to New York State Senate (1st SD)
SKYLER JOHNSON - Temple Board Trustee
Re-elect to NY State Comptroller
TOM DINAPOLI - New York State Comptroller
Re-elect to NYS Assemblyman (District 1)
FRED THIELE - New York State Assemblyman (District 1)
Elect to Suffolk County Clerk
LISA JIMENEZ - Teamsters Local 237 and AFL-CIO

EARLY VOTING: October 29 – November 6. Click here for voting hours and locations. (En Español)

October 14

Last day to postmark your by-mail voter registration application for the general election.

October 19

Last day your by-mail voter registration application must be received by the Board of Elections.

October 24

Last day for BoE to RECEIVE your absentee ballot application by mail, email, or fax.

November 7

Last day to apply in person at the Board of Elections for an absentee ballot.

November 8

Last day to postmark an absentee ballot. It must be received by Board of Elections no later than November 15th.

November 8

Last day to deliver an absentee ballot in person to Board of Elections or to any poll site in Suffolk County.