What We Can Accomplish Together. Come and Join.

Help us continue to grow the Democratic Party in Southampton. Help us make local government work for you!

The Southampton Town Democrats are your strongest allies in protecting the value of your home and your quality of life in the Hamptons. You need our help to preserve what you value about Southampton and we need your help to do that. We are asking you to volunteer to ensure that our Democratic candidates are re-elected or elected.
We have much for which to be grateful in the Town of Southampton and on the East End of Long Island but our work should never stop! Come and join our efforts now, to help pave the way to a better, more meaningful future. We’ll do it as we always have – together, by appealing to the best in all of us.
Thank you in advance for your support and everything that you do for the Democratic Party.
Kindest regards,
Gordon Herr, Chair
Join us by supporting where it matters most.

If anything, the past years have taught us that “standing by” does nothing to change things or ease our frustration. From clean air/clean water and energy, to land use, infrastructure, finance, and other good government involvement, these are just some of the issues we continuously care about looking to assure our community’s quality of life.
Help us make local government work for you.

Yes, volunteering will take time, but it has many personal and professional rewards. Our Committee and the many people in and out of government with whom we are in contact are a stimulating and convivial social and professional network. Campaigns are exciting and it’s fun to be in on the ground floor. Members learn a lot about government and politics. There are opportunities to work in many sectors, use many media, take substantial initiative and develop new skills. 
There are more Democrats in Southampton than you know.

In 2017, for the first time ever, we surpassed the Republicans in registered voters. 2020 elections saw this trend continue, with bigger increases in registered Democrats than Republicans both in Southampton and across Suffolk County. In fact, we are now the major party in the Town, we have a majority on the Town Board and we are one of the strongest and most successful Democratic Committees in Suffolk County.