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Your recent story on Alex Gregor’s graceless exit from our political scene [“Without A Clear Party Line To Run On, Alex Gregor Will Not Seek Another Term As Southampton Highway Superintendent,”, February 8] is disappointing but not surprising. Parts of the piece make me angry and parts make me laugh, but none of it is worth writing about now, except for a totally undeserved hit on town politics as “a sewer.”
The full quoted statement of the highway superintendent is: “I’ve had enough of politics from the federal all the way to the town level. It’s become so red and blue, it’s disgusting. It’s a sewer.”
I won’t address other levels of political activity, but as to Southampton Town politics, this statement is not only wrong, it’s seriously harmful. Forget the fact that it’s an insult to the many of us, of all parties, who have long labored in local affairs with no goal but the common good.
The real harm is what a slur like this says to people who may be thinking about … [more]