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My life has been an eastward migration from bungalows in Breezy Point and the Rockaways, to West Islip, Fire Island and now Sag Harbor.
I remember Reynolds Channel and the Great South Bay, where wide marshes and high grasses grew and clam boats dotted every shallow shoreline. Jones and Robert Moses beaches had endless sweeps of sand and dunes. Potato farms surrounded our streets, and blueberries and strawberries filled fields alongside the LIE before it was the LIE.
Our Fire Island community rebuilt our dunes almost yearly. Pollutants and algae transformed our bays and decimated shellfish populations. With each year, more powerful and numerous hurricanes hit, destroying homes, roads and beaches.
Today, the beauty and health of this place we love is threatened.
The five Southampton Town Democratic Trustee candidates running on November 2 will preserve and protect our land, waterways and fishing traditions. Their science-based talent and life experience is … [more]