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The Working Families Party, being a liberal party, usually, but not always, cross-endorses the Democratic candidates for town and county offices. This minor party line does not pull a huge number of votes, but in tight races it can be a deciding factor in an election.
Unfortunately, many voters still vote for a party line while not knowing who the candidates really are and how they earned a spot on a certain line. In an effort to exploit that fact, and to deny Democratic candidates the benefit of a second line on the ballot, three Southampton Town residents who had been registered Republicans or Conservatives switched their party affiliation earlier to year to Working Families and then mounted primary challenges in the Southampton Town Board and superintendent of highways race.
When the media asked for comment, the alleged candidates in the Working Families primary for the Town Board race, Hampton Bays residents Sean McArdle and Miranda Schultz, husband and wife, would not reply. When invited to a Working Families primary debate, they would not reply … [more]