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Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman spoke at length on Friday, via Zoom, about the fallout from the July 25 benefit concert in Water Mill featuring the Chainsmokers — and Mr. Schneiderman’s own band, as an opening act — which prompted a call from an angry Governor Andrew Cuomo, and an upbraiding from New York State Health Commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker, after photos of the crowd ignoring social distancing guidelines were widely circulated.
Q: Tell me about the last week and what it’s been like from your perspective.
Look, it’s been a long week. Plus, all my other duties at the town. But this time, the fallout from this event has obviously consumed a lot of the week. And lots of calls from various entities, and meetings with various … the Town Board and others. So, yeah, it’s been quite a bit of time associated with this. But it’s been a challenging week. I think that’s fair.
Q: What happened, in a nutshell? Can you explain how this happened?
So, when you say, “This,” I think you’re referring to the crowd that formed in front of the stage. But we have launched an investigation as to how this happened as well. In fact, we have two investigations as to how this happened [more]