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My home in Noyac represents a unique family history. It was a second home for my family for three generations. In the 1960s, my grandparents purchased the quaint beach house for its charm, nestled adjacent to Noyac Bay.
After spending many summers in the Southampton community, they became familiar with the interests of Pine Neck locals. And, just like any close-knit family, the interests of the community meshed together. The character of the community was something that didn’t simply reflect the aesthetic or physical appeal but the values and stories of many immigrant Americans who saw the possibilities of a burgeoning utopia.
After my grandparents passed on, my father worked hard to keep the house in our family. We were lucky to have the opportunity to grow up with my grandparents’ dream home.
In spending many moments with other family members and neighbors who would speak about the unique history of Sag Harbor, I would hear reminiscences of my grandmother clamming down by Circle Beach with my aunts and uncles, and fun travels to Bridgehampton ocean beaches with friends who lived nearby.
But there would be serious conversations, too — talks about the importance of environmental preservation, water quality and … [more]