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The Express News Group rightly denounces Congressman Lee Zeldin for not wearing a mask at President Trump’s Tulsa rally [“Just A Face In The Crowd,” Editorial, June 25], writing: “It was a stellar opportunity to show courage and leadership in the midst of a public health crisis. Instead, Lee Zeldin was just another face in the crowd.”
A week before President Trump’s sparsely attended Tulsa rally, a Fox News poll found that, “by a 36-point margin, voters say presidential candidates holding large political events and rallies is a bad idea.”
In their vernacular, Fox News might say, “Some are saying that the Tulsa rally has the potential to be a super spreader.”
In the medical opinion of Dr. Megan Ranney, emergency room physician and associate professor of emergency medicine at Brown University, “If there were even a couple of cases in the arena last night, we’re most likely going to see a spread among folks that attended. And then they’re going to go back to their states and it’s going to spread further.” [more]