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Representative Lee Zeldin does not believe in democracy.
This statement is not hyperbole. His actions and words prove it to be true.
Mr. Zeldin has been claiming that Donald Trump won the election and was one of 126 House Republicans who signed a letter in support of a lawsuit filed last week by the lieutenant governor of Texas. The lawsuit, which was dead on arrival at the Supreme Court, had asked the justices to throw out millions of votes in four swing states because of alleged fraud.
Seven of the justices said the State of Texas did not have standing and refused to hear the case. The remaining jurists said the court should hear the case, but if it did they would deny the “relief” sought by the plaintiffs.
First, let’s discuss the substance of Mr. Zeldin’s claim that the election was not legitimate. In not one of the more than 50 lawsuits filed on behalf of Mr. Trump have his lawyers been able to convince a court that the election was anything but free and fair.
Those lawyers, led by Rudy Giuliani, have claimed outside courtrooms that electoral fraud was rampant. But when inside the courtrooms and under oath, those claims seemed to disappear … [more]