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“Retain Sartain.” You’ve seen the signs. What’s the story?
Southampton Town Justice Karen Sartain was appointed to her position at the beginning of this year, and she is now asking the voters for their support on November 3 as she runs for election for a full term.
The Southampton Town Board appreciated the personal qualities and experience that Karen Sartain brought to the work of our Town Justice Court. I believe the voters will also. We can be certain she does the job with reason, intelligence, fairness and respect for all.
Judge Sartain describes herself as hardworking and efficient, as well as compassionate. She is also thoughtful and articulate. She understands that it is not easy for people to show up in court and believes that they deserve an efficient and respectful process when they need to be there. She strives to run an efficient and respectful courtroom and be fair to everyone who comes into her courtroom — plaintiffs, defendants, lawyers and court staff [more]