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The good thing about reading Letters to the Editor from Ed Surgan is that I don’t have to watch Fox News to get a glimpse into right-wing thinking.
Mr. Surgan starts out his letter [“Significant Danger, Letters,, September 7] decrying “Democrat(ic) hysteria,” listing several issues troubling to him, including that Democrats “conjure up nightmares of America succumbing to global warming.”
If I may: It isn’t just Democrats who oppose the Trump presidency. The growing number of prominent Republicans supporting Joe Biden is too numerous to list, but to name the former Republican governors: Christie Todd Whitman (New Jersey), Bill Weld (Massachusetts), Tom Snyder (Michigan) and John Kasich (Ohio).
Then there is the Lincoln Project, founded by prominent and highly skilled Republican campaign strategists, where anti-Trump messaging is plentiful and devastating. Glad they’re on our side [more].