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Few places in America have been hit harder by the coronavirus and its economic fallout than New York and New Jersey. The region is in need of strong representation in Washington. Though many eyes are on the Senate, several competitive House races here could also help reshape Congress.
New York’s First District, Eastern Long Island
We endorse Nancy Goroff, the Democrat and a scientist with a passion for fighting climate change.
Ms. Goroff, the former head of the chemistry department at Stony Brook University on Long Island, would be a refreshing addition to a Congress filled with lawyers. For years, she focused on research to help make solar energy more affordable. Now, she hopes to put that scientific background to work in Washington to help protect the environment — a key issue in a district with miles of shoreline and farmland. She has promised to defend the Affordable Care Act and supported an effort to extend health care to uninsured employees at Stony Brook University.
This would be an especially good time for Washington to have the kind of scientific expertise and perspective Ms. Goroff would bring.
She is in a tough fight. The Eastern Long Island district voted for Barack Obama twice but swung to Donald Trump in 2016. Her opponent, a Republican incumbent, Representative Lee Zeldin, is a loyal Trump supporter [more]