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“Like many students, I’ll be heading back to college soon. For me, I’ll be going back to George Mason University in Virginia. Where we go to college often takes us away from the place we grew up, sometimes out of state.
This year many elections will be held for local offices, and while many of us will be away from home, it is important that we vote in these crucial elections. Before I leave for school, I’ll make sure I fill out my absentee ballot application so that I can perform my civic duty and do my part to help my community at home. I encourage all of my fellow college students to go online,fill out an absentee ballot application, read up on their local candidates, and when the time comes, perform their civic duty and vote.
As the youngest group of eligible voters, it is imperative that we have a strong voice in our local elections. That is why this November, I will mail in my absentee ballot and cast my vote for Jay Schneiderman for Supervisor, Robin Long for Town Council, Tommy John Schiavoni for Town Council and Tom Neely for Highway Superintendent:
I encourage you to do the same.
Matthew Godfrey
Native of Hampton Bays
Student @George Mason University
Strong Believer in Voter Participation