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July 2021: The 2020 election of Joe Biden was a momentous occasion for working Americans. As we lean into a new era, the prospects are prime for Democrats to advance an agenda that seeks to improve the lives of everyday working people. The following article explores what Democrats can do to stay united and move forward successfully.  (Post originally published in November 2020, via
With the election of Joe Biden to the office of the President, accompanied by the many grassroots organizers around the country succeeding in state and local races, Democrats are uniquely positioned to move forward on a “transitional agenda” that builds America toward a progressive future. As the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be making a resurgence along with a burgeoning economic crisis threatening the stability of working families, Democrats have the opportunity to work on a Universal Healthcare program and a community-safe infrastructure package. These two priorities, if put to the top of Democratic to-do lists across the country, will help solidify the relationship between the Democratic Party and the multi-racial, working class districts it recently recaptured in the 2020 presidential election.
The likelihood of states reinstituting lock-downs is highly likely. Moreover, Moreover, the need for a national plan to combat the virus is more essential than ever. It is unlikely we will have a nation-wide plan during the remaining duration of Trump’s tenure. However, what the virus has illuminated is the need for our healthcare system to better manage health crises, present and future. Democrats must seek to work with the progressive community, who have been calling for a more robust and equitable healthcare system. President-elect Joe Biden has discussed the possibility of expanding … [more]



About Michael Iasilli
Michael Anthony Iasilli was born and raised in Port Jefferson Station, NY. In 2016, he received a Master of Arts in Public Policy from Stony Brook University. He went on to obtain his Ph.D. at St. John’s University. Throughout his time in graduate school up until this year, he has taught Political Science and History for Suffolk Community College and Hofstra University.
He has been a progressive organizer since he was able to vote, aiding and advising local campaigns and advocating for expanding healthcare through building grassroots and bipartisan coalitions. Michael’s work has also advanced awareness around Disability Rights. Michael was appointed to the Brookhaven Town Disability Taskforce, where he works in the community to educate residents on the availability of services that help those with special needs. He also recently served as an elected union representative at Suffolk Community College representing adjuncts.
Currently, he chairs the Progressive Caucus of the Brookhaven Democratic Committee, and sits on the Communication Committee for the Southampton Town Democratic Committee. He resides in Sag Harbor, NY and is authoring a book on the Women’s Movement in Russia during the 19th Century. He is also a contributor in recently published books in Women’s Studies entitled Women and Non-violence, and Women Who Changed the World.