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Southampton’s Energy Future is Bright – Energy initiatives for a Sustainable Southampton
The Town of Southampton is the first municipality in the LIPA service area to launch a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program.
This initiative allows the construction of local, renewable generation of electricity, advancing the state’s progress toward achieving its clean energy goals as set by the 2019 Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act and furthers the Town’s goal to achieve energy independence by 2025 and Carbon net-neutrality by 2040.
The Town is the first Long Island municipality to issue a Request For Proposals to establish a solar array over a sealed landfill with other projects in the pipeline using brownfield sites and other unusable lands for energy projects with no cost to the Town while providing energy credits to our residents and land lease income earmarked for reinvestment in sustainable goals.
As part of our energy initiatives, commercial and residential solar code is being developed that supports the storage of solar electrical energy in batteries. This allows the use of energy produced during daylight to be used at night.
Southampton Town Codes also considers building energy efficiencies to reduce consumption. There are several local programs that residents can avail themselves of to have a home energy audit conducted to identify how to cut their energy losses and reduce their energy costs.
The energy future in Southampton is bright and we will continue to take a progressive leadership role to reduce our dependence on fossil fuel energy production and promote the growth of alternative energy production and use.
More about our local renewable energy and environmental protection programs:
Sustainable Southampton Green Advisory Committee
Southampton Commercial Solar Program
YSG Residential and Commercial Solar Program
Southampton Water Quality Advisory Committee
Southampton CPF Septic System and Rebate program


About John Bouvier
John Bouvier is a current Southampton Town Councilman. He has a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering (MSME), and a B.C. in Business Administration. He is an engineer/business owner with 40+ years experience. He also served on the Suffolk County Super Storm Sandy Task Force, as an appointed member and on the Suffolk County Community Choice Aggregation Task Force (CCA) as an appointed member, the Suffolk County Aquaculture 10 year Lease Program Review as well as currently serving on the Coastal Resiliency Task Force and Peconic Estuary Parnership (PEP) Management Committee. He previously served as a Southampton Town Conservation Board Member. He is deeply involved in environmental work and developed the SHT CPF Water Quality Program and Board to review water quality project funding including the Septic System Rebate Program and law to offer incentives and rebates to replace older septic systems with new innovative and alternative systems (I/A). To date, this program has funded almost 10M dollars for WQ projects.
 Bouvier is married with two grown children.