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We’re getting Blasted from the Air, Strangled on the Ground, and Poisoned by Both.  What to do about Traffic?
This stuff is crucial, not only to our environment but to our economy.  Air and surface traffic could make Southampton Town Unlivable.
Start with the Air.  Helicopters, jets, prop planes – lots of noise, lots of emissions.  We have to get tougher with the pilots.
The three area airports are at East Hampton, Southampton (helicopters) and Westhampton.  Owned by the Town, East Hampton could be closed, but that would shift more traffic to the other two.  East Hampton’s a different township, so We Must Cooperate.
Enter Jay Schneiderman, Southampton Town Supervisor, running for re-election.  Jay’s the perfect guy for this, as he was once East Hampton Town supervisor, and after that Suffolk County Legislator.  Who better to lead the regional charge?
On the Ground, it’s Congestion and Pollution Both.  There’s a weekend crush and a trade parade, and just getting around in general – a horror.


So take a look at Tom Neely, running for Southampton Highway Superintendent and bringing 33 Years’ Experience in Traffic and Transportation to the race.  How bad can that be?  If ever there was a Man for the Moment, it’s Tom Neely now.



Driving is Reduced by Affordable Housing, putting people closer to where they work.  Town Councilman Tommy John Schiavoni, also seeking re-election, has been highly effective in getting affordable housing projects completed, moving others along, and passing laws to allow more use of accessory units.



Also running for Town Council is Attorney Robin Long, a member of the Southampton Town Planning Board with a long career in public service.  Robin fully understands the threat of unbridled air and surface traffic and will be instrumental in meeting it.



Traffic doesn’t have to kill us.  Jay Schneiderman, Tommy John Schiavoni, Robin Long and Tom Neely will beat it.  Vote For The Problem Solvers on November 2nd.
Photography (cars):  Lisa Finn (Patch)  


About George Lynch
George Lynch is a fifth-generation Long Islander and a fifth-generation Democrat.  He and his wife Ursula live on Aspatuck Creek in Quiogue.  For much of his career as a tax lawyer, George represented New York City, defeating a number of high profile taxpayers in court, among them Donald Trump.
George joined the Southampton Town Democratic Committee in 2008 and became its Treasurer in 2009, but his forte is generating campaign material.  As Communications Chair, he has turned in countless lines of copy, organized a successful letter writing group and helped launch the Committee’s blog.  With others, George is now working on remaking and targeting the Democratic message for 2022 and beyond.  He loves the people and he loves the fray.