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It’s simple and it’s clear. Our slate of Democratic candidates are simply better than their competitors from start to finish.
Bridget’s opponent is an embarrassment. Jay is running unopposed.
Tommy John and Robin are head and shoulders above their competition.
Some of the crusty Republican Trustees have experience, but, our existing Trustees Ann Welker and Bill Pell deserve another term based on their performance.
And our “ fresh new faces” ( Capt. Andy, Will Peckham & Martha Reichert ) have energy and new ideas and new perspectives that will enhance the critical need to preserve our precious waterways…
Tom Neely is the most qualified candidate for Highway Superintendent ever. He is an affable, effective leader. I know Tom, I worked with him for a couple of years on The Town’s Transportation Commission. His opponent’s background and experience has nothing to do with the position he is running for.
Finally, there is the sad case of Barbara Wilson. She is simply not fit to continue to serve as a Judge. In 2019, she was found guilty by a Supreme Court of defamation of character and ordered to pay a fine of $250,000. As a layman, I don’t understand why she hasn’t been removed from the bench. Our Democratic candidates ( Adam Grossman & Shari Oster ) for Town Justice both have long, untarnished legal careers and they have the all important “judicial temperament” factor.
Let’s have a clean sweep. Vote for all our Democratic candidates. Vote Row A all the way…