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The Democratic primary in Congressional District 1 presents a choice between John Avlon, a well-known political journalist, and Nancy Goroff, a former State University of New York chemistry professor.

Avlon has been quick to identify the most important issues. He highlights women’s reproductive rights and the affordability of life on Long Island as critical, but he repeatedly cites the need to protect democratic values and institutions as motivating his run for office.

In contrast, his opponent began her race with an email about climate change that sounded like it was left over from her unsuccessful 2020 campaign. Though the topic hasn’t faded in importance, in the context of today’s politics, the email begged the question of whether any items on the Democratic policy agenda can endure if democracy fails.

Important distinctions between the candidates were apparent at a March forum in East Hampton. Avlon spoke knowledgeably and succinctly, while … [more]