Robin Long: Heal by Remembrance, Heal by Action, Heal by Hope.
The spineless and cowardly Republicans who aided and abetted our twice impeached FORMER President now speak of healing.  However, healing without culpability is going to be nearly impossible.  So, I propose another path [more]
NEW – A Democratic Party Powerhouse – Michael Anthony is Retiring
This week’s post is a fascinating conversation with a Democratic Party powerhouse who is retiring. Barbara Weber-Floyd shines a light on a man who is a beacon of hope and goodness, the anti-Zeldin in every way.  He is Mike Anthony, quintessential Democrat, a mentor and a friend and always an inspiration.
From The Desk Of George Lynch: One Aspect
Friends, help me out here. There’s no one aspect of Wednesday’s events that’s dispositive, but I’m trying to sort out the failure of intelligence, planning and policing that allowed what, with proper security, would have been [more]
The Resistance and Me: An Insider’s Account of the Two-Year Mission to Stop the Trump Agenda and Take Back the House
SHDEMS member, journalist and author Barbara Weber-Floyd chronicles the rise of the anti-Trump Resistance, introducing the reader to the amazing women who powered this movement in our district [more]


Latest developments and citizen voices in and around Southampton

SouthamptonPress: Town Takes Possession Of Historic Ship’s Anchor

That was no ordinary piece of scrap metal arriving in Hampton Bays on the back of a flatbed truck on ...
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From the Desk of Robin L. Long: Heal by Remembrance, Heal by Action, Heal by Hope

Heal by Remembrance, Heal by Action, Heal by Hope. The spineless and cowardly Republicans who aided and abetted our twice ...
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Dan’s Paper: America’s Sheriff Errol Toulon Jr.

In January of 2018, Suffolk County became safer. This was the month that Errol D. Toulon Jr. assumed the position of sheriff—Suffolk ...
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SouthamptonPress: The Real Harm

Your recent story on Alex Gregor’s graceless exit from our political scene [“Without A Clear Party Line To Run On, ...
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TheEastHamptonStar: Legislators Show Sympathy for Oyster Farmers

The Suffolk County Legislature closed a public hearing on the county's Shellfish Aquaculture Lease Program on Feb. 2, with some ...
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We’re The Different Democrats.  We’re the Southampton Town Democratic Committee and we’ll tell you things you won’t hear anywhere else.  We Are Local, And Local Matters Matter.
These Things Affect Our Lives Every Day – roads, zoning, water and air quality, immigrant conditions, police reform, waste disposal, Shinnecock relations, trees, sidewalks, etc.
Who does all this?  Southampton Town, and that means the Southampton Democrats.  Your party is the controlling force in Town government, so if you want to get something done, or learn about something, or help the community, we’re the people to see.  When you want local, come to us.
All members of the Southampton Democratic Committee are volunteers, and we’re always looking for more help! Want to knock on doors, write letters to the editor or phone bank? Perhaps you have a special skill that can help us with social media, photography, graphic design or website development. Let us know!
Learn more about who we are and what’s going on in town. Our Facebook page lists the meetings of all the town’s boards. Our newsfeed posts keep you up to date on the doings of the town and the party. Read a list of past accomplishments here. And read about our platform.
Committee members are the true grass roots of any party. We have 42 Electoral Districts in Southampton. Two committee members are assigned every ED, and their job is to to represent the voters in their ED. That includes gathering petition signature to get our candidates on the ballot, learning what issues are important and getting out the vote. Interested? Email our chair here.

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