Check here for 2022 Midterm Election Details. Now more than ever – every vote counts!
Check here for 2022 Midterm Election Details. Now more than ever – every vote counts!
Check here for 2022 Midterm Election Details. Now more than ever – every vote counts!

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Latest developments and citizen voices in and around Southampton.

From the Desk of George Lynch: Keep Calm And Carry On – If Democrats Do Both, It Will Be Fine

As most of us know, “keep calm and carry on” was what the British government told its people to do as World War II began, when the Nazis seized most ...
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The Resistance & Me: Congressman Zeldin, have you no sense of decency?

Last week, on January 6th, Congressman Zeldin spent his time campaigning, rather than showing up to honor the police officers who put their lives on the line to protect him ...
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From the Desk of George Lynch: The Tale of The Foolish Shepherd

There is more than one kind of wolf, and more than one kind of sheep. A shepherd was leading his flock on a mountain path, taking them down from the ...
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SouthamptonPress: Red Wave?

Ann Thomas, a recent Republican and Conservative candidate for Southampton Town Council, wrote a Letter to the Editor this month [“Great Strides,” Letters, December 9] “to connect with the local ...
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The Resistance & Me: Charge of the Light Brigade

At East End Action Network (EEAN), we have participated in multiple actions this year specifically tied to voting. In October, we hosted a voter registration drive at our local community ...
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What We Have Accomplished in Southampton.

Proud of our Southampton Town Democratic majority accomplishments and developing plans, we are doing and intend to continue to do what’s best and right for the entire Town and all its residents.
Did You Know? …

Local Democrats care about Local Affordable Housing.

Did You Know? …

Local Democrats care about Community Health.

Did You Know? …

Local Democrats care about our Local Economy.

Did You Know? …

Local Democrats care about our Local History.

We’re the Southampton Town Democratic Committee and we’ll tell you things you won’t hear anywhere else.
Who does all this?  Southampton Town, and that means the Southampton Democrats.  If you want to get things done, or learn about something, or help the community – we’re the people to see.  When you want local, come to us.
All members of the Southampton Democratic Committee are volunteers, and we’re always looking for more help! Want to knock on doors, write letters to the editor or phone bank? Perhaps you have a special skill that can help us with social media, photography, graphic design or website development. Let us know!
Learn more about who we are and what’s going on in town. Our Facebook page lists the meetings of all the town’s boards. Our blog posts keep you up to date on the doings of the town and the party. Read a list of past accomplishments here. And read about our platform.
Committee members are the true grass roots of any party. We have 42 Electoral Districts in Southampton. Two committee members are assigned every ED, and their job is to to represent the voters in their ED. That includes gathering petition signature to get our candidates on the ballot, learning what issues are important and getting out the vote. Interested? Email our chair here.

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