In the wake of the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago, some Republicans threatened to retaliate against Attorney General Merrick Garland if they take back control of the House and the Senate. They doubled down on claims of political persecution against Donald Trump. They encouraged domestic terrorism against FBI agents, the Department of Justice and the judge who lawfully authorized the search.
This knee-jerk reaction by Republicans should be shocking to all patriotic Americans.
As an attorney, I know it is not easy to obtain a search warrant, especially in such a high-profile case. FBI agents had to get authorization from Garland, FBI Director Christopher Wray (a Republican, appointed by Trump), and a federal judge, who found there was probable cause that evidence of a crime would be found at the site.
It is reprehensible and dangerous for elected officials to falsely accuse and attempt to intimidate other public officials for carrying out their lawful duties. Such inflammatory rhetoric can only lead to violence and anarchy. The Republicans who continue to spread such disinformation dishonor all Americans who … [more]