There’s a Town election coming this November.  These are the local issues which will concern our candidates, and the pledge we must make to you on every one of them:
1. We must safeguard the unique human and natural Environment which defines this community and underpins its economy.

2. We must manage the Traffic that threatens to choke us, making it move while still keeping our neighborhoods safe.
3. We must strive to improve the quality of all Water in the Town, and the access of all to the water.
4. We must steadfastly back our Police, whose mission to protect us is the first duty of government.
5. We must support responsible Development which respects the environment while growing our economy.
6. We must provide affordable Housing for young and old, for essential workers, and for all who make Southampton what it is.
7. We must promote Citizen Participation in government by all individuals and all groups, hearing the voices of everyone in the Town.
That’s it.  That’s what we have to do.  Your Southampton Democrats have already done a lot of it, and we’ll do plenty more.


About George Lynch
George Lynch is a fifth-generation Long Islander and a fifth-generation Democrat.  He and his wife of 25 years, Ursula, live in Quiogue and enjoy nothing so much as sitting serenely on their dock by Turkey Bridge on Aspatuck Creek.
George joined the Southampton Town Democratic Committee upon his retirement in 2008 and became its Treasurer in 2009.  His forte is writing campaign material, but he has served a variety of functions over the years in which the Southampton Dems have grown from a negligible minority into the Town’s controlling party.  He loves the people and he loves the fray [more].