[@Andi: looks there’s enough to split your input into at least two separate posts; one for TAI, one for SHDEM Club]
You could put in my involvement with the Social Justice Committee of Temple Adas Israel, where we have recruited volunteers from the community- no need to be members of TAI or even to be Jewish- to build bridges throughout the East End by helping our most vulnerable populations through assistance with food, toy drives, gleanings at farms to donate fresh produce to local food pantries, mentoring youth, providing good and clothes for the homeless and sponsoring educational programs on racial injustice.  Several members of the SH Dems have participated in these activities- Joy Flynn, Alexis Mayer and Deb Burden. Contact-Andrea Klausner to get involved.
In addition, the SH Dem Club has engaged in their own efforts to support vulnerable members of our community -Joy and Dan Flynn, Elena Rivera Williams, Barbara Weber Floyd and her husband, and Ed Moltzen, Alexis and Mitch Mayer, Dick and Carolyn Sheehan, Grania and Tip Brolin.
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