This election will be about COVID-19. There are other crucial issues on the ballot, but COVID-19 tops the list.

None of us have escaped its reach, either on our health, the impact on the economy, our children’s education, our small businesses, our inability to safely hug our loved ones. Where a voter stands on the federal management or mismanagement of COVID-19 is most likely the single biggest factor in how they are voting in the presidential race.

Joe Biden has been clear about the dangers of the pandemic, beginning with an op-ed article he wrote for USA Today on January 27. He has not wavered in his analysis of the challenges COVID-19 poses to the country. But his closing argument is not one of fear but of unity, that we can meet the challenges together.

And it is reminiscent of another Democratic presidential candidate who ran during another national crisis.

That Democrat was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The year was 1932, and it was his first presidential race. The crisis was the Great Depression. Then governor of New York, FDR’s opponent was the Republican incumbent, President Herbert Hoover. Not unlike the GOP today, Hoover did not believe in an organized, federal response, and so the crisis deepened [more].


SHDEMS member Barbara Weber-Floyd is an experienced journalist and the author of The Resistance and Me:

An Insider’s Account of the Two-Year Mission to Stop the Trump Agenda and Take Back the House.  A unique work of history, it chronicles the rise of the anti-Trump Resistance by introducing the reader to the amazing women of the SHDEMS and the grassroots who powered this movement in our district.  Barbara is utilizing her blog at  to help get-out-the-vote for this crucial 2020 election.