Ways to volunteer.

Sending Letters

Writing letters is a tried and true way to reach voters. Knowledgeable voters in Southampton Town read newspapers. We urge you to write a letter supporting our candidates and/or office holders. Most newspapers expect your letter to be unique to the newspaper so make sure to label your letter, “Exclusive to the editors at ………………..”

The most popular paper to express your opinion is The Southampton Press, and the Letter to Editor coordinator for the Press is Kim Covell. Kim can be reached at kimc@pressnewsgroup.com. Just attach your letter to an email to Kim and your letter should be printed.

The Southampton Press accepts letters of 450 words or less.

We also write to the Independent Newspaper and the Sag Harbor Express.

For the Independent, contact them at www.indyeastend.com, click on “submit”, choose “Letter to Editor” from the drop-down list, answer a series of very easy questions (to eliminate electronic spam), write your letter and hit the “proceed” button.

For the Sag Harbor Express send your attached letter to letters@sagharboronline.com.

For more information contact Mike Anthony at mike.ann919@verizon.net

Making Phone Calls

One way to reach out to voters is through phone banking where a group of people assemble to make phone calls from prepared scripts from a pre-approved voter contact list. This is an especially critical function toward the end of the campaign when we’re working hard to “Get Out The Vote.”

Phone calls throughout the campaign season are important.


The best way to convince voters is to speak to them directly, face-to-face. Contact gordon@shdems.org to get started in this important effort.


Contact us to get started!