9th Annual East End Community Picnic

Southampton Democratic Club Breakfast

Inaugural Celebration

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Southampton Project


Anna Throne-Holst, Bridgette Fleming, Brand Bender

People – Not Politics

Anna Throne-Holst, Bridgette Fleming, Brand Bender

Southampton Democrats Fifth Annual Summer Party

Kratoville “Enough” Video

On November 19, 2010, the three Republican members of the Southampton Town Board decided to rewrite the town’s budget. With no warning to the Democrats, they recreated a recently-eliminated $150,000 position. A week later, they announced that they’d be appointing a friend of theirs to the position. On November 30, the Town said…


Music is a sample of “Simply Mozart” by Yuri Goldfuss (http://en.audiofarm.org/audiofiles/13024)

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